Salam, i had bad experience about using Red Hat linux from my beginning knowledge about linux. but and there will be always a “But” -does not mean duke – few weeks ago i decided to use Fedora 7 which called moon shine.
i like the GUI so i decided to try.
it is really different and light on my machine. the most interesting thing is the yum command -it is old one but i was not using it -.
i had troubles in opening multimedia file like mpeg files and xvid files.
so i added a new repository to my system repositories by the following command

#rpm -ivh

then i installed all the gstreamer plugins they are all about 25 MB.

# yum install *gstream*

now i can play most of the video files i had.

i’m really now enjoying fedora 7 and waiting for Fedora 8 sooooon.