May 2008

sometimes i needed for a desktop dictionary on ubuntu linux, now i found how to setup the arabic dictionary in the linux Dictionary:

for gnome :

– open Applications Menu -> Accessories -> Dictionary.

– the Dictionary application is opened. now click edit menu and select Preferences.

– in the source tab click Add button.

– A new window opened, in the Description field write: Arabic Dictionary. or whatever you want to name it.

– let Transport select box as Transport.

– Hostname :

– Port: 2628

now enjoy using the desktop dictionary.


now i’ll explain how to install ubuntu without using cdrom and with a usb flash memory:

a usb flash memory by default is formatted in vfat file system, i will not change the file system type.

– first you need to create a master boot record in the flash memory

$ sudo parted /dev/sdb set 1 boot on

you need to change sdb to you usb device, you can know what is the link to your device from the command mount

now you have a bootable usb storage device all what you need next is to copy the kernel and init parameters file in the suitable place in your flash memory.

– create a directory named casper in root of your flash memory.

– download the following files and put them in the directory named casper



– get the iso image which will be used to install ubuntu, you need to download the alternative CD not the normal cd.

– extract the iso image and copy the folder isolinux from the extracted iso to the root of usb flash memory.

– rename the isolinux folder in the root of the flash memory to syslinux.

– inside the syslinux folder rename the file isolinux.cfg to syslinux.cfg

– copy the alternative cd iso image -not the extracted folder- to the folder casper on the flash memory.

everything now is fine and you can reboot that machine and boot from the usb flash memory then install ubuntu.