I have searched for azan ogg files to run on my minbar program on ubuntu but i didn’t find any azan on ogg format. I have converted some mp3s azan to ogg files. you can find it here:

Aqssa 1
aqssa 2


Salam all,

this about how to convert a flac audio file to a mp3 format to gain the size reduce

you need to have the following packages installed: flac , lame

for ubuntu you can install them by:

$ sudo apt-get install flac lame

for defora

# yum install flac lame

then to convert a flac file to mp3

$ flac -cd filename.flac | lame -h – filename.mp3

i didn’t know how will be my feeling when i see a plant  that i  put its seed growing up every day.

i had know that the feel of building something is the greatest feeling i could have, but few days ago i discovered that i was wrong, see something, someone or any life object growing and u are helping in that growth is much much greater.

here i put some photos for my micro garden i had start with my wife few weeks ago. we wish this to be our start to have larger one.


finally after 4 deployment trials, the new enhancement deployed. i really can’t understand how PHP 4 could behave like an OOP language or how it manage creating objects and keep track of them.

but what i’m really sure about is, after many years working in java it is not easy to work with PHP specially the 4th edition.

Salam for all. I’m back again and with a good news, the Cairo Office is ready @ last. i sow many people had spent time and effort to get this place finished -almost finished- but at last we have a real office.
the last thing i was expecting to do anything by my hand in this office because this is not how things should be from my point of view, but i really enjoyed doing that.
Really working @ office is very different , i almost forgot how working @ office looks like, but soon i resume working hardly.
at last 2 of the worst issue i face in my carrier also finished, they was that bad not because they were hard to be solved, but to do anything i had to request thousands of things from other people and the bad connectivity between the 2 offices.
i’m just keeping in my mind that – it is a new office setup. i think it is worth.

many chances stands there waiting me to take them, but i need to manage my time.

again i’m alone, alone without friends neer to me,my best friends one in KSA and the other 😦 …
but still i have brothers.