Salam all,

i have downloaded some videos in wmv format and i needed to convert them into mp3 to play on my mp3 player. after searching google for how to do this on ubuntu i found a solution:

– first install lame and mencoder:

$ sudo apt-get install lame mencoder

– Run mencoder command to convert wmv file to mp3 file:

$ mencoder audioFileName.wmv -oac mp3lame -ovc frameno -of rawaudio -o audioFileName.mp3

    it is too straight and too easy. enjoy your mp3s.


    Hello every one,

    few days ago my ubuntu machine started to give me this error every  time i login:

    ISD-Server could not start because port 5800 is not available.

    i google it but didn’t found a good solution but after while i found one from ubuntu forum:

    ica is part of and it is installed on my machine when i installed edubuntu.

    and to stop getting this error message here is what i did:

    $sudo apt-get remove libitalc italc-client italc-master

    and i never see the error message again.

    here is the thread which i found the solution in:

    now i’ll explain how to install ubuntu without using cdrom and with a usb flash memory:

    a usb flash memory by default is formatted in vfat file system, i will not change the file system type.

    – first you need to create a master boot record in the flash memory

    $ sudo parted /dev/sdb set 1 boot on

    you need to change sdb to you usb device, you can know what is the link to your device from the command mount

    now you have a bootable usb storage device all what you need next is to copy the kernel and init parameters file in the suitable place in your flash memory.

    – create a directory named casper in root of your flash memory.

    – download the following files and put them in the directory named casper



    – get the iso image which will be used to install ubuntu, you need to download the alternative CD not the normal cd.

    – extract the iso image and copy the folder isolinux from the extracted iso to the root of usb flash memory.

    – rename the isolinux folder in the root of the flash memory to syslinux.

    – inside the syslinux folder rename the file isolinux.cfg to syslinux.cfg

    – copy the alternative cd iso image -not the extracted folder- to the folder casper on the flash memory.

    everything now is fine and you can reboot that machine and boot from the usb flash memory then install ubuntu.


    Today, when i was trying to install some packages i got this error:

    dpkg: parse error, in file `/var/lib/dpkg/status’ near line 14938 package `human-theme’:
    `Replaces’ field, invalid package name `
    E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)

    i googled it to search for a know solution but got nothing useful this time. so i decieded to think a little bit and try to solve it my self. and here is the solution i got.

    i open the file which through the parse error:

    # gedit /var/lib/dpkg/status

    then i visited the line which given to has the problem and found the name of package has some encoded characters so i removed the non understandable characters and saved the file.


    #apt-get -f update

    every thing after that went ok. and i enjoyed my ubuntu again.